Blogs: Especially Good for Job Seekers

I graduated from school in May and have been looking to find some sort of career in the field ever since. Along with sending out resume's and trying to get interviews, I have been improving on my resume, my portfolio, my portfolio website, my social presence, and my design skills. 

While on the hunt, I have done a lot of reading that stresses the importance of blogs. Blogs are not only a great way to express yourself, they are also a great way to improve your writing skills and position yourself as an expert on different brands and topics. However, I believe the most important thing that blogs provide, is a centralized hub for all of your web-based activity

Twitter and Facebook posts are short; with a maximum of 140 characters per tweet and 500 characters per Facebook status- Blogs are really your best bet if you are truly trying to convey any information online in detail. While social media sites have some restrictions, they are one of the strongest and fastest growing ways to contact your target audience. Which is why I suggest the driving traffic by linking

 When seeking a job, your large networks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be your greatest tools if you can manage them responsibly. Now, through the process of linking and the usage of personal portfolio sites, when you make a post on your social media site, you can also have it appear on your blog. This way, when people click on links in your tweets- it will drive traffic to your blog where your Facebook posts are also shown, and when your audience clicks on the posts in your blog, it can drive them to see similar posts on your various other social media sites. This process of linking will increase your followers, your friends, the number of subscribers to your RSS, and your overall reach into in the job market.

Given the sea of information that suggests blogging is a good idea for job seekers-I will be posting frequently. I hope you enjoyed my post!

If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer them! Just send me a message or comment below. 

Comment with some suggestions for future posts! I will do my best to comply.

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